AQUA STAR Team had an email interview with Mr Morning Huang, Head of Sales department, IDAH Machinery

  • In Print: May, 2021

Tell us, how the journey has been so far for IDAH Machinery?

In IDAH, we always try to provide latest innovation, engineering, manufacturing of high quality machinery and the most important professional service for our customer. We take service as the core value and establish an IDAH Innovation Center to connect customers needs from feed ingredients, formulas, manufacturing, and plant construction to production. Through our IDAH Innovation Center, people who are related to the industry chain (feed mills, farmers, formulators, etc.) can come to us and customize their own products.

Our main focus is to get close to our customer. In order to achieve that, we opened new representative offices in India and Thailand to provide better service for our customers. The last 10 years, we accomplished great milestones on our journey. As the founder of post conditioning system in shrimp feed, we are proud to announce that we have redefined the post-conditioning process by incorporating carousel dryer in the system. Moisture has serious impact on your product quality and cost price levels, and profits for your business. The addition of carousel dryer gives you precise moisture control in your feed by keeping moisture uniformity. Together with drying result consistency–in-time, it will determine the target average moisture content.

The concept of carousel dryer enables you to have the most effective heat exchange, thus, lowering the air exhaust volume. Lower exhaust volume means lower cost needed for odour treatment.

Last year when the Covid-19 hit most of the countries around the world, we are grateful that Taiwan is one of the countries that can control the virus from spreading. The work in our company never stop, we continue to provide full service to our customers.

Since inception in early in Taiwan how the company transformed over the years?

IDAH was founded in 1974 when the aquaculture business is booming in Taiwan. Over the years there are many great milestones that we have achieved. In 1980s we developed the first feed extrusion and also introduced the post-conditioning system for shrimp feed, which has since become an essential processing equipment in the shrimp feed production line throughout Asia. In 1990s we established extrusion research centre for textured vegetable protein. This research facility is the fundamentals of the IDAH Innovation Centre that was open in 2016.

Over the years, the incorporation of many new technologies and manufacturing machines have helped to shape the company, we are able to provide consultancy, services, complete machines, turnkey solution, and spare parts for our customers.

What steps are you taking to differentiate in marketing?

We believe that the traditional way of marketing still works. What we do for marketing includes exhibition, websites, and making webinars.

How we strive in the feed machinery market depends on what value we can bring to our customer. In order to provide optimal value for our customer, IDAH always offer high quality and robust machinery with technology that can last for a long time. Almost 80% of our sales come from the testimony and recommendation of our customer, we let the quality of our machines speak for itself. We helped Customers produce good feed in order to achieve a long term success in the market. We take pride to provide service for our customer.

What does quality feed milling to you and what does IDAH promise?

One of the basic necessities of human is food. With the increase of human population, demand for food will drive feed business to continue growing. By providing high quality machinery and services, we support the feed manufacturer to produce feed efficiently. So to say, feed milling is our way to contribute to the world. When customers come to us, it is our goal to provide professional and refined service for our customer. IDAH promise to become the reliable partner in food, feed and biofuel industry.

Please let us know about your current team members and R&D

Our company is led by Mr. Danny Chang, our General Manager. In the last 5 years, our company are constantly undergo revolutional breakthrough in research and development, using scientific data to develop new techniques and technologies in producing robust and tailored machinery for food, feed, and biofuel industries.

Our philosophy of research and development revolves on our IDAH Innovation Center. This Innovation Center is the center of our collective wisdom; we have collected the experience from our customers, IDAH expert team, and experts from Taiwan, Europe, and US in order to keep us one step ahead from our competitors.

How do you see Indian Aquaculture and South Asia market shaping up?

According to some reports in 2021, the shrimp export from India is decreased due to the Covid-19 and trading dispute due to border dispute with China. But one thing need to be noted, the price of shrimp has slightly increase compared to 2019. In the long run, looking at the production capacity, future capacity expansion, and low production cost in India, I believe that India will bounce back sooner than we expect.

Let us know on your future vision of the company

We envision our company become the reliable partner for our customer by producing high technology, operator friendly and safe machinery. We are actively doing research in utilizing old technology and incorporating new technology in our machines. We strive to develop the intelligent equipment and control system which can bring exceptional result for our customer. The ultimate goal is to make our customers always one step ahead in the market.

About IDAH:

IDAH’s ultimate goal is to be world’s number one with customer satisfaction. For the past 40 years, IDAH has been offering full service for the aquafeed and petfood industries: R&D Prototyping, Education, Consultancy, Turnkey solution, Single Machine, and Spare Parts. At IDAH's Innovation Center, an open extrusion research lab, we can help you develop your innovative products by providing direct hands-on access to machinery and industry experts.

IDAH designs and manufactures equipment and process lines for shrimp feed, fish feed, petfood, and biomass pellets. Equipments include single screw extruder, twin screw extruder, pellet mill, counterflow cooler and dryer, horizontal dryer, pre-conditioner, post-conditioner for shrimp feed, pulverizer, hammer mill, twin paddle mixer, sieve, rotary coater, vacuum coater, crumbler and complete process automation.

Supply dies and roller shells to all pellet mills.